Offer Deposit Bonus!!!

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Dear members, offer Deposit Bonus!!!

Promotion of the promotion until November 16, 2020
* Promotion code (DABONUS1020)
deposits are open with promotion:
Here are the details of the deposit bonus:
Deposit: $10 - $51 (10% free bonus)
Deposit: $52 - $101 (20% free bonus + 1 month 100 RR free)
Deposit: $102 - $350 (30% free bonus + 1 year free Da-Silver subscription + 1 month 200 RR)

* The Rewards %% bonus that we add to your purchase balance.

all my respect
Dakalix admin
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Dear admin you should pay for us before ask from us add money
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Quote: Elgazar2012
Dear admin you should pay for us before ask from us add money

hello my dear members
how are you ... thank you for being back with us
to be active and reactive to what is happening here is to be part of the fight every day thank you
and know that also we ask no one by force
to deposit in our projects everyone is free to choose
but what we do and proposed promotions and offers to please our dear loyal members and ensure that they are respected for our active members and who always support us without complaining and each request in expectation will be resolved ... both .and the others will follow ... I thank you for your interest in our projects and your support
all my respect and consideration