Attention Admin: Your Support section is not working again????!!!!

Started by colormehue 2020-11-21 at 23:34
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Hello Admin! When are you going to pay me? You want us to message you thru Support and yet youre not answering us? And now your Support section is not working again? Reply please, and give me the exact date of your payment. You're always telling me that you will send my pending cashouts but your words are contradicting your actions. Up to now am still waiting for my pending cashouts. You are so strict in implementing your rules, that we should be active daily and we should post proofs on Nichanrating and Foxyrating, but you don't do your part. We are doing all that but where are our cashouts? You have to pay us all Admin or you will be placing a curse on your own head and you won't get away with that.

Remember Admin, there is a GOD and HE sees everything. And if it's true that you're taking advantage of us, you will be punished. Maybe you can run away from us, but the LORD will give us the justice that we need. Whatever you sow Admin, you will reap.
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