New best tutorial contest

Started by Admin 2021-01-27 at 09:46
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Subject: New best tutorial contest
Date: January 24, 2021, 02:53 PM

This is a Proof of Payment tutorial.
for those who have trouble creating one.

This tutorial is made with
for example:
Another free image hosting website is also allowed,
for example:

But we must ensure that the end result is the same on our forum and partner site to support our projects to advance among the best

Our proof of payment tutorial, will be published also you can find here soon

*** I also ask you dear members if any of you are motivated to do a tutorial
Tutorial Payment Proof
is the post here in image or in videos that will please us ... and will be rewarded with 5000 credits ads 5000 cresdits ads banners ... and 10.000 credits ads 15$ for the best tutorial before 10.02.21

Sincerely, Admin DAkalix

new best tutorial contest
you can earn up to 10,000 points and (5000) credits ads (5000) credits banners ...15$ before 10.02.21
1) make a tutorial in dakalix image
1.1) make a tutorial in videos
2) presented by dakalix in video or images
* how to make proof of payment
on the
on the partner site

May the best self in action
Sincerely, Admin DAkalix
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Reminder: without forgetting
To receive your payment, you must be active every day!
To get your payment you need to post a screenshot on
Forum Dakalix
don't forget to put the 5 stars it's important
it's to support us and help us
Dakalix admin