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Hello dear members!
I saw a lot of members keep asking how to post payment proofs..

Here's a simple tutorial how to do it! I hope you will understand! Let's go!

First step: Capturing the Image
Here are 2 ways.

1. way is:
Find the -PRT SC- button on your keyboard.
It should be near the F12 or Delete or backspace button on your keyboard.
When you press the PRT SC button, everything on your screen will be captured.
Nothing will happen on the screen. But a screenshot of your screen is now captured.
Now you need to find the Paint program in Windows, so that you can see the image you have captured.
Find -Paint- in Windows. Search for it or go to your start menu and find it.
Once you have -Paint- open, you just need to paste the image that has been captured.
So, find -paste- in the menu or press ( CTRL + V ) for shortcut
You should now see the image you have captured.
edit out the transaction number for your own safety and fix the image to look they way you want it to.
Play around with this paint program and you will get a hang of it.
To undo any mistake you make in paint, just go to undo in the menu or press ( CTRL + Z ) and it will undo changes.
Once you are satisfied with your image, save it
You can always right click on any image file in Windows and go to edit and you will be back in Paint and can edit the image any way you want.

Another way to capture an image is: Snipping tool

Search for Snipping tool in Windows and once you have it open, click new, and click with your mouse and drag what you want to capture.. Once you let go.... its captured.
Now go to File Save as and save the image file.
Now you can right click this image file and go to edit and you will be back in paint where you can edit the image to your liking.
Once you are satisfied with your image, you will need to upload it. On the Internet

Use Imgur to upload your images OR
-Open the new tab-Click on browse and select your picture-
Once the image is uploaded, right click on the image and select -Copy image address-

Now how to post it on forum?

Search for section Payment Proof's create NEW TOPIC
Now just fill up the Topic Title with your own, like My payment, you can ignore the Description box .. its not necessary to fill up the box.Now go to the BIG BOX you see.. And on the left side we see a menu with emojis.. Press the Image button its 4th from the left.
Now paste your link and click NEW TOPIC

It's done!
Hope this tutorial will help you!

Yours sincerely,Msuicide

Admin help support assistant
Best regards, Msuicide

Admin of DAKALIX

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sir I tryed to do that and i still dont know how or what to do to post my first payment. and I see you wont let me get my 2nd payment. I did buy a 2nd upgrade and i have been clicking ads every day. I am almost 50 and just learning all this computer stuff.
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