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!!! Alert the complete restructuring of DAKALIX in progress !!!!
Published on 24-02-2021

!!! Alert the complete restructuring of DAKALIX in progress !!!!
hello dear members
!!! Alert the complete restructuring of DAKALIX in progress !!!!
Today I would like to share with you
future changes and important updates of DAKALIX
all the stages will be done little by little ...
the changes have started !!!!

to members to let them know that I intend to make the changes,
is that it is already planned and that the members do not take it for an acquired surprise,

one day or another we may be in maintenance mode ...
don't worry it will only be for a few hours and the site will be responsive.

Dakalix will make a change in membership updates and from that point on,
all updated members will receive income return in advertisements,
depending on the cost of membership this would be the% return, at a higher cost, a better% return ...

the CGU will be edited
I will advise members to take a tour to see the new ones brought to the CGU ....

all accounts :::
60-day inactive accounts, their balances are restored, at 0 they lose their balance, they all also lose,
the referrals, if still active in our all systems,
inactive accounts with more than 90 days are permanently eliminated
and they must re-register if they wish to continue on the site,

for account balance ...

in active a balance between 100 to 200 $ and more, which will be impossible to pay for the administrator because of the problems which he has,
it is an impossible financial burden for our site,

make a deal with those users who have a very accumulated balance see how they will be paid found a compromise ..
users who have recently invested and have not also withdrawn everything,
will be returned according to what remains of all of their investments .. in any case they will not lose their investments ...

pending withdrawals:
will be executed for active members only if a member not active for at least one week will not receive their pending withdrawal
all active members at least 3 days will receive their payment without fail ...

memberships will be highlighted on larger withdrawals ....

revshare will be disabled
and current contracts will be active until they expire ...
but there will be no new contract. ADPACK.
on the other hand it is to preserve the legitimacy of the site because the Revshares
have consequences on the reputation of PTCS sites.
we will put the important revenues in the ads and in the new addons (DA-Offertwalls)
and other new addons will be installed soon by menu and category ...

the RRs will also be canceled and replaced by the high AVG of Pubs and daily income
with daily bonuses ... the DRs will be unlimited we will bet on the value of the announcements which will be very important

the announcements will also be checked and validated ...

concerning tickets:
at the moment there are too many tickets
it will be impossible to answer everyone ...
all tickets older than 5 days will be automatically closed. then certainly between you will see their tickets closed it's normal ... for this time until the new order
of ticket responses we will be in maintenance mode and will respond to some 50 tickets per day no more ...
members who have not received an answer please be patient

members' reaction
I know everyone will complain and say anything, it will happen but it's better to restructure the site and continue in good condition or let it flow in this disproportionate way ...
here it is the future of the sustainable and fair project site that is targeted for the long term ... it is normal that the site goes through this upgrade ...

the publication also of all the modifications that I would make during this period in Dakalix for the restructuring and updating of memberships, announcements and any other options,
to keep you informed of the evolution and progress of the projects and the restructuring of the site .....

With all my consideration and respect
I thank you for your understanding and your availability and support from the beginning until now and every day we move forward and grow together ...
my best regards ....



Christmas membership discount!
Published on 26-12-2020

Christmas membership discount!


Our Christmas promo is here! You can get the Yearly membership you want with a discount!

The discount will end on the 31th of December 2020 23:59 server time.

The prices are :

DA PREMIUM   $4.00 (from $5.00)

Da-Silver            $6 (from $8.00)

Da-Dakaplus    $45(from $50.00)

Da-Golden       $245.00 (from $252.00)

Da- Ultimate    $450.00 (from $600.00)

Da-Diamond    $500.00 (from $710.00)


You can use this promo to extend your membership if you have it already.

I wish to all of you to have a good time and protect yourselves as much as possible.

I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and the best for you and your family!

Kind regards,
Dakalix  Admin

After many requests we added a Deposit Bonus Promotion.

Sign up bonus
Published on 04-11-2020

Sign up bonus

Account Balance Bonus: $
Purchase Balance Bonus: $
Upgrade Signup : Bonus
(Da-Starter for 3 days)
Start the signup bonus when:
Get started now.
It will be deactivated when we reach
10,000 members.

all my respect and consideration
many things to you and good luck

all my respect
Dakalix admin

Reminder: without forgetting
Published on 26-10-2020

Reminder: without forgetting
To receive your payment, you must be active every day!
To get your payment you need to post a screenshot on
Forum Dakalix
and the partner site is mandatory
don't forget to put the 5 stars it's important
it's to support us and help us move forward
Who will not follow the rules, will not be paid !!!

all my respect
Dakalix admin

New payment in MAD-Moroccan
Published on 26-10-2020

(cash)Hello dear members reside in morocco(cash)
now you can request a payment. of your account. equivalent to currency
in MAD-Moroccan ...
make a support ticket for your request
*you must have the upgrade status of (Da-Dakaplus)
withdrawal min $ 5 and max $ 20 / per day instant payment
*the upgrade status of (Da-Dakaplus)
have at least 20 dollars
Means of payment
Telephone card (of all operators)
Cash Expess

Thank you for your contribution
all my respect and consideration

all my respect
Dakalix admin