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Offer Deposit Bonus!!!
Published on 16-10-2020

Dear members, offer Deposit Bonus!!!

Promotion of the promotion until November 16, 2020
* Promotion code (DABONUS1020)
deposits are open with promotion:
Here are the details of the deposit bonus:
Deposit: $10 - $51 (10% free bonus)
Deposit: $52 - $101 (20% free bonus + 1 month 100 RR free)
Deposit: $102 - $350 (30% free bonus + 1 year free Da-Silver subscription + 1 month 200 RR)

* The Rewards %% bonus that we add to your purchase balance.

all my respect
Dakalix admin



Dear members. welcome
Published on 09-06-2020

Dear members.

Thank you for registering on Dakalix !!!

Now you can display ads,

play Grid, HeadTail, collect points, advertise,

invite new members, upgrade membership,

enter contests, buy and rent referrals.

and lots of other things waiting for you

Thank you for your contribution

Good luck!