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Christmas membership discount!
Published on 26-12-2020

Christmas membership discount!


Our Christmas promo is here! You can get the Yearly membership you want with a discount!

The discount will end on the 31th of December 2020 23:59 server time.

The prices are :

DA PREMIUM   $4.00 (from $5.00)

Da-Silver            $6 (from $8.00)

Da-Dakaplus    $45(from $50.00)

Da-Golden       $245.00 (from $252.00)

Da- Ultimate    $450.00 (from $600.00)

Da-Diamond    $500.00 (from $710.00)


You can use this promo to extend your membership if you have it already.

I wish to all of you to have a good time and protect yourselves as much as possible.

I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and the best for you and your family!

Kind regards,
Dakalix  Admin

After many requests we added a Deposit Bonus Promotion.

Sign up bonus
Published on 03-11-2020

Sign up bonus

Account Balance Bonus: $
Purchase Balance Bonus: $
Upgrade Signup : Bonus
(Da-Starter for 3 days)
Start the signup bonus when:
Get started now.
It will be deactivated when we reach
10,000 members.

all my respect and consideration
many things to you and good luck

all my respect
Dakalix admin

Reminder: without forgetting
Published on 26-10-2020

Reminder: without forgetting
To receive your payment, you must be active every day!
To get your payment you need to post a screenshot on
Forum Dakalix
and the partner site is mandatory
don't forget to put the 5 stars it's important
it's to support us and help us move forward
Who will not follow the rules, will not be paid !!!

all my respect
Dakalix admin

New payment in MAD-Moroccan
Published on 26-10-2020

(cash)Hello dear members reside in morocco(cash)
now you can request a payment. of your account. equivalent to currency
in MAD-Moroccan ...
make a support ticket for your request
*you must have the upgrade status of (Da-Dakaplus)
withdrawal min $ 5 and max $ 20 / per day instant payment
*the upgrade status of (Da-Dakaplus)
have at least 20 dollars
Means of payment
Telephone card (of all operators)
Cash Expess

Thank you for your contribution
all my respect and consideration

all my respect
Dakalix admin


Offer Deposit Bonus!!!
Published on 16-10-2020

Dear members, offer Deposit Bonus!!!

Promotion of the promotion until November 16, 2020
* Promotion code (DABONUS1020)
deposits are open with promotion:
Here are the details of the deposit bonus:
Deposit: $10 - $51 (10% free bonus)
Deposit: $52 - $101 (20% free bonus + 1 month 100 RR free)
Deposit: $102 - $350 (30% free bonus + 1 year free Da-Silver subscription + 1 month 200 RR)

* The Rewards %% bonus that we add to your purchase balance.

all my respect
Dakalix admin